About Me

I am a multimedia artist born and raised in Los Angeles and currently residing in San Francisco. I am a queer, transgender man interested in exploring the tangible and fragile human experience as well as the transcendental beauty and fleeting essence of the natural world. My work details the ramifications of permanence and impermanence. Subjects in my works include flora and fauna in states of decay and growth as metaphorical representations of the body’s ability to change and transform, alluding to the transgender experience of altering one’s own body through medical intervention. I reference my own personal experiences, triumphs, failures, and everything in between as a way to process and understand moments and feelings in my life. I also incorporate imagery relating to the joys of queer love as well as the beautiful mundanities that we experience. As a painter, bold, solid color choices lend an accessible graphic quality to my work. Green is a recurrent color that appears throughout all of my work and represents growth and the natural world. As a mixture of blue and yellow, green can be seen everywhere and in countless shades and is the color the human eye sees better than any other color in the spectrum. I hope my work humanizes and gives broad visibility to the queer, transgender experience to a larger audience while also giving insight into the breadth of my life beyond just my identities.

-Kai N. Tse